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Diamond Saw Blade

  • Superthin Diamond Saw Blade X Type

    APPLICATION SCOPE: Hot-pressed diamond ultra-thin wave plate, also known as X saw blade, is a new kind of network wave diamond cutting saw blade, which is specially used for cutting and processing...
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  • Superthin Porcelain Diamond Blade R Type

    APPLICATION SCOPE: The R-type saw blade is a new type of ultra-thin diamond saw blade designed for processing and cutting hard tiles, vitrified tiles, ceramics and other materials. PRODUCT...
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  • Diamond Tuck Pointing Tools

    APPLICATION SCOPE: It is mainly used for grooving walls, pavements, and floors to expand gaps. Can be used for water, heating, electricity, line slotting, concrete, asphalt road repair. PRODUCT...
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  • Diamond Continuous Rim Blade

    APPLICATION SCOPE: The continuous saw blade is a stone cutting saw blade used for cutting stone and ceramic tiles, and can also be used for cutting non-metallic hard brittle materials such as...
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  • Fish Hook Diamond Blade

    APPLICATION SCOPE: Hook-type diamond cutting blade referred to as fish hook piece, due to the knife head section of the sub-type such as the name of the hook, mainly for marble, quartz stone,...
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  • Gemstone Diamond Blade

    APPLICATION SCOPE: Gem diamond cutting blade, widely used in glass, agate, crystal, ivory, jade and other precious stones jewelry, jewelry, handicraft processing. Can also be used for processing...
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  • Glass Diamond Saw Blade

    APPLICATION SCOPE: Diamond glass saw blades are mainly used for grooving and cutting of hard brittle materials such as glass, precious stones, and crystals. PRODUCT ADVANTAGES: The diamond glass...
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  • Thin Electroplate Diamond Blade

    APPLICATION SCOPE: Electroplated diamond saw blades have a wide range of applications. They can be used to cut hard brittle materials such as glass tubes, gemstones, jade, crystals, and optical...
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  • Diamond Segment Saw Blade

    APPLICATION SCOPE: Diamond segmented cutting blades are widely used in the cutting and processing of granite, marble, concrete, firebrick and other materials. PRODUCT ADVANTAGES: Segmented diamond...
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  • Segment Turbo Diamond Blade

    APPLICATION SCOPE: Dry-wave diamond cutting saw blades can be dry-cut without adding cooling water and are suitable for cutting and processing of granite, concrete, and fire bricks. PRODUCT...
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  • Concrete Diamond Blade

    APPLICATION SCOPE: Concrete diamond cutting saw blades are mainly used for the cutting of concrete, asphalt and other roads. PRODUCT ADVANTAGES: Concrete diamond cutting blade, also known as...
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