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5. Learn to distinguish the quality of diamond saw blades
Apr 26, 2018

As a kind of super hard material, diamond saw blade is mainly used for cutting concrete, refractory material, stone, ceramic and other hard brittle materials. Recently a lot of friends called and said to buy diamond saw blade is not good to use, some are not sharp cutting, some service life is short, don't know all of these are common problems of diamond saw blade users.

To teach you the quality of diamond saw blades.

First, observe the emery on the head and observe its concentration and distribution. Good diamond saw blade, carborundum content will not be too little, but also not too much, and distributed evenly.

Second, observe whether the weld is complete and tidy. If the weld is discontinuous, and the edge of the blade is not vertically aligned with the base tank, it will affect the chip removal and heat dissipation. And it can lead to the loss of the blade.

Third, in the hands of the saw blade, diamond segment and matrix in horizontal plane alignment, bit if uneven, jagged, is likely to cause plank in use process of side damage, or loss of the cutting tools.

Fourth, compare the thickness of the head and the base body thickness. Take 350mm granite saw blade as an example. In general, the tool head is about 1mm thicker than the base body. The blade of 350mm marble saw blade will be about 0.2mm-0.5mm thicker than the base body. The reason for this design is to avoid damage to the matrix and improve the service life of the blade.

Fifth, the sharpness and wear-resisting of saw blade will have a contradictory relationship. Our suggestion is that when the blade life reaches the desired goal and the sharpness is moderate, do not ask for additional life. Because of the external environment, such as the operation of the cutting machine and the workers, the hardness of the stone material will change at any time, and once the external environment changes, the original wear-resistant saw blade will not be able to be used.

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