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Application scope of diamond saw blade
Apr 26, 2018

Diamond saw blade is a tool used for cutting. It is very sharp.

(1) difficult to process non-ferrous metal materials processing.

When processing copper, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys, the materials are easy to adhere to the tool, processing difficulties. With the low friction coefficient of diamond and low affinity with non-ferrous metal, diamond cutter can effectively prevent the bonding of metal and cutter. In addition, because of the large diamond modulus of elasticity, when the cutting blade is small deformation, on the cutting non-ferrous metal extrusion deformation is small, it can complete cutting process under small deformation, and thus can improve the machining surface quality.

(2) difficult to process non-metallic materials.

Contains a large amount of high hardness particle difficult machining non-metallic materials, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, silicon, hard carbon fiber/epoxy resin composite material, the hard point of material to make the tool wear serious, with carbide cutting tools are difficult to machining, and the diamond tool high hardness, good wear resistance, so the machining efficiency is high.

(3) ultra-precision machining.

With the advent of modern integrated technology, machining has been developed in a high precision direction. Because the diamond small friction coefficient, low thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, can cut a very thin chip, chip flow, easily with other substances affinity is small, not easy to produce the devolop tumor, calorific value is small, high thermal conductivity, can avoid heat influence on the blade and artifacts, so the blade is not easy to passivation, cutting deformation is small, high quality surface can be obtained.

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