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Characteristics of diamond saw blades
Apr 26, 2018

Diamond saw blade is our in cutting techniques used in a cutting speed of the saw blade, its characteristic is high speed cutting hardness is very big, this makes the diamond saw blade market gradually came into our sight and gradually developed.

With the rapid development of automobile, aviation and space technology, the requirement of material performance and processing technology is improving day by day. New materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics, particle reinforced metal matrix composites (PRMMC) and ceramic materials have been widely used. These materials have the characteristics of high strength, good wear resistance and small thermal expansion coefficient, which determines that the cutter's life is very short when they are machined. The development of new and stable ultra-hard cutting tools is the subject of many universities, research institutes and enterprises. Diamond collection of mechanics, optics, thermology, acoustics, optics, and many other excellent performance, high hardness, low friction coefficient, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and chemical inertness, is an ideal material to manufacture cutting tools.

The cutting depth is an important parameter which involves diamond grinding, effective sawing, force of saw blade and cutting stone. Generally speaking, when the linear velocity of diamond circular saw blade is relatively high, small cutting depth should be selected. From present technology, the depth of cutting diamond can be selected between 1mm ~ 10mm. The cutting depth can be controlled between 1mm ~ 2mm, and the cutting speed should be reduced at the same time. When the linear velocity of diamond circular saw blade is large, large cutting depth should be selected. However, when the performance of the sawing machine and the cutting tool strength permit, it is necessary to cut the cutting concentration as far as possible to improve the cutting efficiency. When there is a requirement on the machining surface, small depth cutting should be adopted.

When the concentration of diamond is changed from low to high, the sharpness of saw blade and sawing efficiency gradually decrease, and the life time is gradually extended, but the concentration is too high, and the saw blade becomes dull. With low concentration, efficiency is improved. Therefore, in the manufacture of diamond saw blade manufacturing process, according to different objects, and use the machine cutting, reasonable control of diamond concentration, making full use of the diamond in use process.

In the process of cutting stone, diamond circular saw blade will be affected by centrifugal force, sawing force, sawing heat, etc. Because of the force effect and temperature effect, the diamond circular saw blade is worn out.

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