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Classification of diamond bits
Apr 26, 2018

There are many kinds of diamond drill bit classification methods, and the main methods are as follows:

1. Classification by use.

The engineering drill is mainly used for construction of engineering construction. Such engineering drills have many specifications and the largest amount, which has formed a special series of main products.

The industrial drill is mainly used for drilling and coring. It is mainly used for the processing of products, such as the cutting of wide screen lens and the nesting of silicon chips.

Sample drilling is mainly used for sampling analysis of materials, such as large graphite electrode and firebrick analysis.

2. Classification according to its manufacturing methods.

The hot pressing method is similar to the hot pressing process method of the gestation. You can first make a ring and then weld it to the steel body, or you can heat it directly on the steel body.

Electroplating method is similar to the process method of electroplated bit. The electroplating method can be divided into epitaxial growth method and conventional method.

3. Classification according to the diamond used.

Natural diamond engineering diamond is made of high quality natural diamond, which is used in building materials and construction industry.

Synthetic diamond engineering diamond is made of high quality synthetic diamond single crystal, which is used in optics and chemical industry.

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