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Cutting performance of diamond saw blade
Apr 26, 2018

The diamond is the hardest substance in the world, its mohs hardness of 10, and the most hard composition of quartz stone mohs hardness of 7, so the diamond is make cutting the aspirations of superhard material things. People diamond and metal powder by mixing ratio after burn form agglomerate (known as) of the cutting tools, and then put the cutting head welding on the outer periphery of the circular steel substrate and the diamond circular saw blade, used for cutting stone material. The relevant materials indicate that more than 60% of the total artificial diamond is used for stone processing. In recent years, with the urban construction planning and the expansion of the construction industry, the demand for stone is becoming more and more big, the quality will become more and more high, endless stone market has affected the diamond things the rapid development of the manufacturing company.

The utility function of evaluation saw blade is generally considered in three aspects: processing quality (sheet quality), sawing power and saw blade. To distinguish the use effect of diamond saw blade, it is mainly based on three principles: processing quality, sawing power and longevity.

1. Processing quality t(sheet quality)

Processing quality refers to the saw blade cutting plate quality, mainly refers to the appearance smoothness, flatness, parallelism, and the edge integrity (commonly known as side damage), etc., this is the first question of a saw blade can use.

2. The rate of cutting work rate.

The policy of cutting power is about productivity and general with cmZ/min to indicate, it is a sign of saw blades sharp, this is the very the attention of the user of a major policy, also means that the unit power consumption goods, this is the premise of saw blade as commodity to enter the market.

3. Application of longevity

The use of longevity is a guideline for the ability to work, and perhaps the policy of durability. It refers to the amount of a saw blade that can be processed with a face saw blade.

All three use effect principle, first is determined by the function of the saw blade, sharp and durability, for example, under the precondition of normal machine and accurate device saw blade, processing quality and saw blade cutter sharp and is related to the stiffness matrix. On the other hand, it also depends on reasonable selection and accurate application. It is not only the quality of the saw blade itself, but also the improper use of the saw blade.

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