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Diamond dressing tool small knowledge
Apr 26, 2018

In the abrasive abrasive industry, the dressing tool is usually classified by the geometric shape and manufacturing characteristics of the dressing tool, usually divided into two categories: 1. Diamond dressing diamond dressing pen pen is the most widely used in grinding dressing tools, gold Corundum finishing pen according to the different methods of the quantity and distribution of the diamond can be further subdivided into four types. Diamond dressing pen the characteristics of the method in the following order: series code, diamond layers, each layer of the diamond grains (or concentration), the total quality of diamond pen (carat), for powdered diamond pen omit layers. 2. Diamond dressing roller.

The diamond roller is a newly developed finishing tool, which is made by sintering or electroplating on the circumferential surface of the metal matrix of the roller. The manufacturing technology of diamond roller includes a number of precision manufacturing technology, which is a very high technology product. The dressing process of diamond roller is realized by the relative motion between the rotary motion of the diamond wheel and the rotary motion of the grinding wheel. Diamond wheel dressing grinding wheel has the following advantages: 1. (1) short dressing time; (2) complicated shape shaping is easy. The common method requires several processes to be completed by several machine tools, and the process of using diamond dressing wheel on a machine tool can be completed. 2. (1) long life; (2) high precision and good repeatability; (3) less change of dressing tools and short downtime. Can not even stop, use the grinding wheel to return the clearance time to repair. 3. Grinding operation stability.

(1) small dressing force, not easy to cause the surface collapse of grinding wheel, and the product reject rate decreases; (2) the operator's burden is reduced; (3) less wheel consumption. With the promotion of grinding automation and the improvement of precision grinding quality, the use of diamond dressing tool will become more and more extensive and important.

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