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Selection of diamond bits
Apr 26, 2018

The quality of the bit, the type of bit and the lithology of the formation are suitable, which plays an important role in speeding up the drilling speed and improving the single bit. Drill more than a mouthful of oil and gas Wells typically use different size of the drill, the drill and the diameter of upper strata to use the drill bit, by bit drilling soft stratum, single bit footage, use the more time is short, a bit general reusable several Wells; When drilling the lower strata, use a small diameter drill bit, because the formation is hard, the drill bit is less, generally use more drill bit. The length of a new drill bit is mainly dependent on the size, type of the drill, the hardness of the formation and the coordination of drilling parameters. Generally speaking, the larger the bit size and the harder the formation, the less the footage; The smaller the bit, the softer the ground, the more the drill bit.

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