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The technique selection technique of diamond saw blade tool head
Apr 26, 2018

1. Selection of diamond particle size.

When the diamond particle size is coarse and single particle size, saw blade is sharp, cutting efficiency is high, but the bending strength of diamond caking is decreased. When the diamond size is fine or coarse, the blade of the saw blade has high durability and low efficiency. Considering the above factors, it is appropriate to choose diamond particle size of 50/60.

2. Selection of diamond distribution concentration.

In a certain range, when the diamond concentration is changed from low to high, the sharpness and sawing efficiency of the sawblade gradually decreases, while the service life is gradually extended. But the concentration is too high and the saw becomes dull. With low concentration and coarse granularity, the efficiency will be improved. When using different parts of the cutting tools in sawing different effects, with different concentrations (i.e., in the middle layer can be used in three-layer or multilayer structure more lower concentration), saw, in the process of middle groove is formed on the work of the cutting tools, to prevent deflection of saw blade, so as to improve the quality of stone processing.

3. Selection of diamond strength.

The strength of diamond is an important index to ensure cutting performance. Excessive strength can make the crystal not easily broken, the abrasive grain is polished when used, the sharpness decreases, and the tool performance deteriorates. When the diamond strength is not enough, it is easy to break after the impact, and it is difficult to bear the cutting task. Therefore, the strength should be 130-140n.

4. The choice of bonding phase.

The performance of the saw blade depends not only on the diamond, but on the overall performance of the composite material, which is composed of the appropriate combination of diamond and binder. For soft materials such as marble, the mechanical properties of the tool head are relatively lower, and copper base binder can be used. But the copper base binder has low sintering temperature, low strength, low hardness, high toughness and low bond strength with diamond. When adding tungsten carbide (WC), in the WC or W2C as a skeleton of metal, with the right amount of cobalt in order to improve the strength, hardness, and combining with the characteristics, and add a small amount of low melting point, low hardness of Cu, Sn, zinc and other metal binding phase. The main component particle size should be fine to 200 mesh, and the added component particle size should be fine to 300 mesh.

5. Selection of sintering process.

With the increase of temperature, tire body of densification degree increased, the bending strength increases, and as the extension of heat preservation time, blank tire body and reduce after diamond caking bending strength increase first, can choose 800 s under 800 ℃ sintering process to meet the performance requirements.

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