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Application Scope Of Drilling Engineering
Apr 26, 2018

Drilling engineering itself is a comprehensive technology with strong application form. With the progress and development of science and technology, drilling engineering technology has been rapidly developed and improved, and the application of drilling engineering has become more and more extensive.

1. Geological exploration

(1) prospecting and drilling.

In order to probe into the nature and production of the foundation stones under the topsoil, the geological structure and the exploration of geophysical prospecting data are verified. The drill used in prospecting for mining is usually a sampling drill or light shallow hole drilling.

(2) mineral exploration and drilling.

Along with the deepening of exploration stage, yuyao further understanding the geological structure of a mining area, the buried depth, the existence condition and seam of mineral taste, obtain the useful mineral reserves and delineated the scope of its distribution, it is necessary according to certain exploration line, drilling exploration in the network. The holes of mineral exploration and drilling are relatively concentrated, and the large drilling equipment is used for drilling.

(3) hydrogeological drilling.

In order to find water and to find out the regularity of groundwater, water quality, water and the motion of the drilling. The general hydrogeological drilling hole is a combination of exploration and mining, that is, after reaching the exploration task, the lower pipe becomes a well, and the borehole is used as a water supply well.

(4) engineering geological drilling.

To explore the underground foundation of some construction projects and the carrying capacity of the foundation. For example, the foundation of the foundation of the high level, large building, port and reservoir is identified, and the foundation, foundation, bridge and so on.

(5) oil and gas drilling.

Drilling for exploration housemates and natural gas deposits. The general hole is deep and deep.

2. Drilling for mineral resources.

Drilling for liquid and gas mineral resources. Including tapping Wells; Exploitation of geothermal resources - heating Wells; Mining the ocean or land for housemates, natural gas resources - oil drilling.

3. Industrial engineering construction drilling.

Drilling for industrial engineering. At present, the construction of the project is becoming more and more work is becoming more and more big, and highlight the advantages of drilling technology itself is simple and easy, adopting field more and more widely in construction of drilling technology. For example: for high-rise buildings, large buildings, and for the special difficulty of using general methods to strengthen the foundation of the building to use the drilling technology for the foundation pile hole; In the construction of the construction bridge, the drilling technology is used to make a large diameter hole and a pipe column to construct the bridge pier, which can avoid the water operation and easy to construct. In order to master the changes of land subsidence and the law of change, the drilling technology is used to make special holes to measure the accurate data of the changes. Strengthen the dam, prevent the leakage of the dam, use the drilling technology, drilling the drilling and pouring cement to form a continuous leakproof wall; To prevent and control natural disasters, such as landslide, collapse and debris flow, etc. By drilling the foundation of dangerous buildings in the city, such as the unstable foundation of the building, it can be used to reinforce the damaged base. Technical holes for laying pipes, wires and cables; The drilling technique is used to drill the shafts, ventilation shafts and various auxiliary Wells of the mine, and can replace the tunnels with large sections in the tunnel. For military engineering, such as a missile silo.

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