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Determination Of Balance Quality Of Diamond Grinding Wheel
Apr 26, 2018

An diamond wheel balance, as defined, is the detection and correction, if necessary, the distribution of the grinding wheel quality procedures, to ensure that the work under the running speed, the vibration and the bearing force within the prescribed scope. This definition is clearly stated. When the diamond wheel is balanced, it is not required to achieve complete equilibrium, but allow a certain amount of surplus. Now generally by the female 01940 specification (rotation of rigid rotor balance criterion), and on this basis, the ISO recommendation (rotation of rigid rotor balancing accuracy), reference to determine the quality of diamond grinding wheel balance. Ordinate is allowable eccentricity e, also approved by imbalance rate, namely the allowable amount of unbalance of grinding wheel's unit weight, usually on the drawings used to measure the pros and cons of a grinding wheel balance or measure the accuracy of dynamic balancing machine. Evaluation of the size of the diamond grinding wheel unbalance on the drawings of permissible unbalance torque can also be used to, said it was the weight of the diamond wheel M and the product of the allowable eccentricity e, the unit is gram ・ mm.

When the grinding wheel is usually adjusted and balanced, it is better to use the allowable unbalanced moment because it can be directly displayed by the balancing machine.

Because of columnar or tubular class there are both static unbalance of diamond grinding wheel, there is imbalance, major hazard is the latter, so must be in the condition of diamond grinding wheel rotation, respectively on two correction planes each plus or minus a balance weight. The diamond grinding wheel is balanced, so it is called dynamic balance.

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