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Diamond Bit Coring Process
Apr 26, 2018

According to the mechanical properties, the diameter of drill bit, drill rock drill bit type and the drill hole depth, choose turning speed, and with the aid of feed regulator can generate the necessary bit load and load at the bottom of the bore, the load weight, depth of the hole bottom has nothing to do with drill pipe. The drill bit turns and feeds into the rock under axial pressure, drilling out of the ring hole, the unbroken part of the rock forms the core, and as the drill deepens, the rock enters and fills in the core tube.

To cool the drill bit, clean the bottom of the hole and drain it to the surface and flush the borehole with the rinse solution. Through the suction pipe, the water pump sucks the flushing fluid from the tank to the pump room. Through the pump pressure, through the high-pressure hose, the water tap is raised, and the pupils in the middle of the drill stem are sent to the bottom of the hole. The washing liquid is cooled at the bottom of the hole to cool the drill bit, and the cuttings formed from the broken rock of the drill are washed to the surface by the annular gap between the outside wall of the drill pipe and the wall. After the flushing fluid with cuttings is discharged from the hole, it flows through the circulation tank to the sediment box and returns to the water supply box through the circulation tank. The cuttings are precipitated from the washing liquid in the sedimentation tank and the circulation tank, so it is the rinse solution after purification. In addition, the water pump is pumped into the hole, so the cycle can be repeated, and the cuttings produced in the drilling can be carried out continuously, so as to deepen the borehole gradually.

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