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Improvement Of New Progress Of Diamond Grinding Wheel
Apr 26, 2018

Diamond is one of the important factors in manufacturing productivity and surface quality. Available on high-end CNC machining center, a highly efficient composite cutter tool instead of the single function, according to the machining program automatically machining of complex shapes, to improve the surface quality and production efficiency, reduce the production cost have very good effect. Statistics show that the use of advanced and efficient tool can significantly improve the efficiency of cutting, could make the parts production costs fell by 10% - 10%, even if the purchase of advanced and efficient tool costs increased by 50%, reflecting on the parts cost of production is only about 1%, the increase in the tooling cost is much lower than the cost of production decline. At the same time, advanced and efficient cutting tools have the advantages of reducing the time to change and improving the product quality. Considering comprehensively, therefore, the use of advanced efficient tool to improve the machining efficiency, reduce production cost effect is significant, the research and development and application of new advanced and efficient cutting tool is one of the developing trends of mechanical processing.

When the cutting tool is grinding, the diamond grinding wheel becomes the important factor to determine the success or failure of the cutting tool when the tool's material, structure and shape, and the type of grinding machine are selected. The technical content of diamond grinding wheel and its quality are determined to produce high quality cutting tools that meet the design requirements.

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