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Reasonable Selection And Application Of Diamond Composite Rock Bolt Bit
Apr 26, 2018

It is mainly used for bolt drill and cable rig. It is used with anchor rod. Commonly used specifications: Φ 27, 28, Φ Φ 30, Φ 32, 36, Φ Φ 42.

The reasonable selection and application of diamond composite rock bolt bit is divided into two parts: alloy bolt bit and diamond anchor bit.

Diamond compact (PDC) is under the condition of high temperature and high pressure, the synthetic diamond single crystal with carbide synthesis of special one-time superhard material, so use it as a anchor drill bit blade, has both advantages of diamond with high intensity, high resistance to wear, but also has cemented carbide impact resistance characteristics such as high strength, large exposure, in the anchor net supporting is the ideal of hard rock in the drilling bit. The selection and application of anchor bit can be combined with the use environment and demand reference.

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