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The Application Of Diamond Grinding Tools In Glass Processing Industry
Apr 26, 2018

Diamond abrasive with high hardness, high compressive strength, good abrasion resistance and other characteristics of the diamond abrasive grinding in grinding of hard brittle materials and the ideal of hard alloy tools, at present, the diamond abrasive tool has been widely used in the glass processing industry, today just like everyone analysis, the application of diamond abrasive in the glass processing industry.

The application of diamond grinding tools in all fields of plate glass processing industry has been steadily increasing. The main driving force of this growth is the improvement of diamond synthesis technology, the improvement of tool manufacturing technology and design, so that the cost is reduced completely. These improvements have significantly increased the utilization and yield of glass. These advances have comprehensively influenced the increase of diamond consumption and replaced traditional grinding tools in various existing and newly developed processing technologies.

China is the largest producer and consumer of flat glass in the world, but the penetration rate of glass in our country is only about 30%, which is far from the 50% of glass deep processing rate in developed countries. However, the utilization rate of abrasive tools also has a significant potential market. The deep processing glass is the main raw material of plate glass, and its development is gradually arisen with the development of China's flat glass industry. And flat glass industry in China for the development of deep processing of glass provides a great foundation and opportunity, benefit from the improvement of China's economic reform and opening up 30 years, deep processing of glass industry in China has been rapid development.

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