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The Difference Between Diamond And Alloy Bits
Apr 26, 2018

Drill with diamond bit and alloy bit of the most commonly used two kinds, a lot of people in the choice of time there is a misunderstanding, thought alloy bit is better than a diamond bit, in fact this idea is not right.

Here is a brief explanation of the difference between the diamond bit and the alloy bit.

The structure of the diamond bit is simple, the concrete strength, the impact resistance and the wear-resisting ability. It is fast in the soft and medium hard strata, the work is stable and the service life is long. Because of the high hardness and strength of diamond, many parts of the industrial sector use it, especially in the mining industry.

The main components of hard alloy are tungsten carbide, cobalt, etc. The hardness is higher in HRC90 degree, and it is applicable in batch processing and hard machining. Now the market is used more than the tungsten steel as a whole drill bit. Although the material is same, but the quality of each brand still has very big difference. There is also a big difference between imports and domestic products.

From the appearance, the ordinary diamond drill bit can not see the blade, can only see a lot of small bumps on the head. And the alloy bit has obvious blade and insert, the surface is relatively smooth.

Therefore, it is suggested that you choose the right one according to the rock hardness and the range of use.

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