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The Difference In Design Between Diamond Wheel And Tool Head
Apr 26, 2018

The working principle of diamond grinding wheel and the cutting head of diamond saw blade have self - sharp action, and diamond grinding wheel is not.

The head is in contact with the rock when cutting the rock. Diamond grinding down of rock powder, kept grinding tire body, and therefore make diamond metabolism and passivation of the diamond off unceasingly, the new diamond constantly exposed, achieve the self-sharpening ability of the cutting tools. The grinding wheel is different. Grinding wheel with hard alloy is line contact. The hard alloy powder that is worn by diamond will not grind the body, nor can it metabolize diamond on the surface of the grinding wheel. Therefore, the dull diamond on the surface of the diamond wheel can not fall off, and the new diamond cannot be exposed. As a result, the wheel was quickly passivated.

How to design grinding wheel?

Because diamond wheel does not have self-sharpening ability, when the design should be artificially controlled diamond metabolism, accelerate the shedding of diamond, should make diamond in passivation can fall off on their own. Only in this way can the grinding wheel be able to work continuously for a long time without grinding wheel. The author has seen in a hard alloy factory that the diamond grinding wheel of hard alloy workpiece needs constant grinding. Investigate its reason, it is the design of the grinding wheel is the same as the cutting head, unable to self-sharpening, grinding wheel quickly passivation, work time is very short, we have to constantly sharpening, such not only work efficiency is low, and trouble.

In today's world machinery industry to develop with each passing day, our country most of the production and processing, including car aircraft manufacturing enterprise with join WTO, in the face of great challenge at the same time also faces a bigger market and opportunities, the cutting tool industry development in our country are becoming perfect, PCD cutting tool is a beautiful scene in superhard material tool of many products, will be in the flow of the production and processing enterprise development play a huge role.

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